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Port Franks History

There are various stories as to how Port Franks received its name. It could have been because a commander of a Lake Huron sloop, Captain Franks, discovered the harbour on one of his trips. Somewhere around late 1700. In the early and mid 1800’s many ship vessels sailed Lake Huron and Port Franks presented a safe harbour and trading place.


Over many decades to come, Port Franks presented a vacation spot, or just an outing for many. Even if it meant to conquer those high sand hills, which are still here today, to tell a story or two. If you love history you just might enjoy reading “ Yon Sand - Beaten Shores “ the Story of Port Franks, Ontario. Written by Greg Stott.

Lake Huron has taken many lives way back then, and even today it is better to respect the water as you ‘ll never know when the Lake awakes and practices it’s power.

Lake Huron is also known for it’s beautiful sunsets. The water stretches for miles and miles, and so does the beach area. It feels like you’re standing at the shore of an ocean. It is breathtaking how the deep orange sun whispers “ Good Night “ while gliding slowly downwards on the horizon.

Things to do in Port Franks:

  • Boating with various marinas to choose from
  • Beaches
  • Nearby Golfing 
  • Nature Trails
  • Nearby Pinery Provincial Park

Cottage Industries such as:
Miss Pia Jane’s Unique Gifts misspiajane@yahoo.com
Pottery: wendy_l_hoy@yahoo.ca 
Rustic Gifts: www.crowingaboutprimitives.com


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