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Bulletins Page


Before coming to the park, it is recommended to check our bulletins page for updated information.



Bulletins Page

 August 16, 2018                                                                       

                8:30 am   Sun is rising, blue sky, clouds are moving in.
   ***************************************************** ****************************************************************************************************************************
                 NOTE:  The far bathroom will be CLOSED after Labour Day for repairs & renovations.
                 Hydro and the 2019 down payment is due Labor Day weekend.  Read newsletters for all updates.

                                                                                   Summer   -  Message:

>>  Summer Lot Care: Please continue to take care of your gardens and grass. If the grass gets too dry watering is permitted
      for an hour early in the morning 7-8 am or 8-9pm in the evening.
      Please get used to using paperbags for garden foilage. We would like to eliminate using plastic bags.
      1. When you cut the lawn please don't let the grass blow onto the road.  Thank You.
      2. Please make an effort to trim the edges of your lawn, around trees, borders, fences, etc.  Thank You


WE  WILL  BE  STARTING  TO  CHECK  BEHIND  TRAILERS  IF  A  CLEANUP  IS  NEEDED as soon as the weather gets a bit cooler. Please be pro active and take some action yourself. Ask us for assistance if needed.

>>  Household Garbage can be put in the garbage container - Remember $ 2.50 for a Garbage sticker.
      You can place other items by your lot. Please check with Rainer re. larger items.  Thank You

>>  Please come to our trailer ( until 10 pm ) to sign in overnight staying guests when the store is closed.
                                       >>  We now have electronic payment available at the trailer.  <<
>>  Watch the SPEED  LIMIT  !!!!!!   

>>  New signs have been put up ( some replacements - some new rules ). Please be curtious and respectful.
      Your cooperation is needed to have an enjoyable camping season for all.

REMEMBER: Once you enter the park ( at any time ) park rules are in effect.  Watch your Speed Limit. !!!!!!!!

Please inform us of address or e-mail change.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact us.

                                                                            Camping season has started

                                                                                        Betty & Rainer



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