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Bulletins Page


Before coming to the park, it is recommended to check our bulletins page for updated information.



Bulletins Page

January 18, 2018   
  8:00 am    Sun is rising. Still overcast which might clear later. Not much snow on the roofs. Water level in the creek is good.
               Should you want to come out, give us a call -   WALK  IN  ONLY.  DO NOT  DRIVE  INTO  THE  PARK.
                                                                               The park is now CLOSED.
                                                       No winter camping permitted until April ???  Weather permitted.


Winter -  Message:

**  You can come and check up on your trailer. Watch our announcement for drive in
or walk in or even CLOSED !!!
**  Updates of severe weather conditions or any other important announcements will be posted here on our Bulletin Page or you 
    will receive a Flash Bulletin via e-mail **               
* * Washrooms are CLOSED. Restaurant washrooms are open during the day ( as long as we're here ) Use back door entrance by the patio.                            
REMEMBER: Once you enter the park ( at any time ) park rules are in effect.  Watch your Speed Limit. !!!!!!!!

Please inform us of address or e-mail change.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact us.

                                                                    We wish you a safe Winter

              Betty & Rainer



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