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Bulletins Page


Before coming to the park, it is recommended to check our bulletins page for updated information.



Bulletins Page

November 17,  2017     Leaves are down to 70 %.  You can come out and rake any time.    

        8:00 am   Dry at present time, no wind, mostly cloudy.

    Please watch the weather report for Port Franks to see when it is a good tine to come out to rake leaves. Some rain is in the forecast.
    Thursday & Friday is suppose to be not too bad; rain on Saturday ? Sunday o.k. ?? 
                                                                               The park is now CLOSED.
    Compost in Forest, last day open November 25th    
    Park washrooms are CLOSED 
    Park Water is OFF        
    Household Garbage Container is  CLOSED now. 

    Big Item Garbage Container  CLOSED    
    Gates are CLOSED off; enter at our gate        
*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Fall -  Message:

                                  Continue Garden Fall Clean UP please; also behind and around your trailer - thank you
                                                                             Bag all leaves and garden foliage. 
                                                                          Cut grass if possible, trim and weed.  

* * Washrooms are CLOSED. Restaurant washrooms are open during the day ( as long as we're here ) Use back door entrance by the patio.                            
REMEMBER: Once you enter the park ( at any time ) park rules are in effect.  Watch your Speed Limit.

Please inform us of address or e-mail change.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact us.

              Betty & Rainer



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