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                                                                       August 21, 2019  
  Am     We had some lightning last night but not much rain. Mix of sun, blue sky and light overcast, humid.
                                                                        Cooler weekend coming up !!!!

                                 Watering Restrictions: Sprinkler or soaker hose not permitted at the present time.
                    We still have too much groundwater to deal with. You can water plants and lawn with a handheld hose/ nozzle.


     1. Down Payment for the 2020 Camping Season will be due Labour Day weekend.
               2. Garbage stickers are available at our trailer and store when open.
                   Please "donate" your liquor containers. The refund goes back to your Association.
                   They should not go into the regular recycling bin - have Liquor Bins now - or the garbage.
               3.  Guests need to be signed in at the store when open or at our trailer. Debit is now available.
               4. Any major clean up please check with Rainer or John.
               5. The store is now open with Summer Hours.
               6. Summer is here, that means more camping days / nights, more campers are in the park.
                    Please DO  NOT  TAKE  SHORTCUTS  through lots. Respect everyone's privacy and their space.

                    Thank you for your support to make  " Harbour Side " the place to be.
Rainer, Betty & Family including Phyllis


REMEMBER: Once you enter the park ( at any time ) park rules are in effect. Watch the Speed Limit. !!!!!!!!

Please inform us of address or e-mail change.
If you have any questions or feedback please contact us.

Rainer, Betty & John


Harbourside Family Trailer Park
Your hosts: Rainer & Betty Urbanski

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A heartfelt Thank You goes to our supporting patrons who enjoyed our open doors last year.

Rainer & Betty

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